How Often Should You Spray Tan

Even though getting a nice, even tan is harder than it seems, many of us need one to survive the summer. The least preferable method of getting a bronze tan is probably to sit in the sun for long periods of time. In addition to being extremely harmful to your skin, not everyone has the time, has the correct skin type, or lives in a sunny place.

If you want to escape the famed self-tanning horror stories at home, the solution is to get a spray tan.

How many times a year should you spray tan to maintain a lovely glow? For the majority of skin types, spray tanning should be done every 9–12 days, or twice every month. Your spray tan will seem even and luminous between appointments with the right preparation and upkeep.

Planning your spray tan appointments in advance will make it easier for you to keep them, but how frequently you tan will also depend on how well you maintain it and the type of skin you have.

What exactly is a spray tan?

You might be asking just what a spray tan is in the first place, before you can even think about how frequently you should have one applied. And it really is just like it sounds. An expert sprays a tiny mist all over your body during the procedure. This mist contains a substance called DHA, which interacts with the amino acids in your skin’s outer layer to provide the appearance of a flawless tan. Compared to lying out in the sun all day praying you don’t get burned, it is far simpler and takes much less time.

How often should you spray tan?

Regular spray tan users frequently develop a dependence on the procedure, and for good reason! Without the risk of exposure to UV rays, spray tanning is a better approach to achieving that bronzed glow we all enjoy. What’s not to enjoy, too, if your spray tan truly enhances the health of your skin?

But because of these frequent sessions, many people ask how frequently they should spray tan. The best way to keep your shine and get the most out of each tan, depending on the individual, is to schedule a spray tan appointment every 9 to 12 days.

Along with knowing how frequently to get a spray tan, you also need to understand how to maintain your tan in between appointments. Although there may not be such a thing as over-spray tanning, if you use it too frequently without properly caring for your skin, you may develop a build-up of spray tan solution, which may make your new tan not appear as beautiful.

In order to ensure that your skin is prepared for your upcoming session, let’s examine how to maintain your tan.

Way to maintain an even spray tan

Although you are free to have a spray tan as often as you like, we advise coming in every 9 to 12 days so you have time to enjoy your current tan, exfoliate, and get ready for your next appointment. You can maintain your spray tan even by following a thorough care plan.


Moisturizing is the first factor to take into account when caring for your spray tan. When you’re ready to moisturize, apply it frequently, even though you shouldn’t the day or two after getting a tan. Skin that is moisturized and content will keep a spray tan longer than skin that is dry and dehydrated. Pick a moisturizer that is oil-free and clear of any harsh ingredients that could remove your tan. The best choice is to use a lotion devoid of smell and parabens.

Choose the right body wash

The appropriate body wash can affect how quickly your spray tan matures, which can have an impact on how frequently you should apply it. This is in addition to the right moisturizer. Pick a body wash that is oil-free, hydrating, and as natural as you can for your spray tan. Additionally, avoid taking really hot showers and delay taking a shower for at least 4 hours following your appointment (but no more than 24 hours later).


In order to ensure that your glow is gone before your next spray tan, exfoliating is likely the most crucial step. This is significant when addressing the topic of “how often should you spray tan,” as it affects the rate at which your tan fades. As previously said, if you spray a new tan on top of an existing one, your tan may appear uneven and patchy in some spots. Make sure to exfoliate prior to your upcoming spray tan appointment to prevent this.

Some useful spray tanning tips

How often should you spray tan, asks the inquiry. How well you maintain your tan will determine the response. You must remember to hydrate after getting a tan and exfoliate before getting another one, as we previously stated. This helps prepare your skin for the upcoming application.

Additionally, the following spray tan preparation advice will assist you in getting ready before, during, and after your appointment:

  • To avoid smudging your tan, wear comfortable attire to your appointment. Our favorites are sandals and dark t-shirt skirts. Anything constricted, such as jeans, leggings, yoga pants, socks, or footwear, should be avoided.
  • If you can, stop wearing your underwear and bra after you’ve gotten a tan to prevent damaging the tan there.
  • To aid in the development of your tan, avoid all moisture for at least 8 hours. This includes showering, exercising, hot yoga, using lotions or liquid foundation, etc.
  • Apply sunscreen frequently. Spray tans are the ideal solution for achieving that goddess shine without being exposed to UV rays. Sunscreen will help to protect both your overall skin and your tan.
  • Take shorter, cooler showers rather than long, hot ones to help your skin get ready for the next tan; stay away from harsh soaps with eroding ingredients; always lubricate your skin while shaving with shaving cream; pat yourself dry instead of rubbing; and moisturize frequently!

Because it feels so magical to be bronzed and gorgeous, you may start to wonder how frequently you should spray tan once you fall in love with your spray tan. These suggestions will help your tan remain as long as possible while also preparing your skin for your subsequent tan.

Discover the be bronze difference

At Be Bronze Studio, we think that great skincare is the foundation of beautiful skin, which is why our tans nourish and improve your skin while giving you a captivating glow. Our customized airbrush spray tan solution is packed with healing ingredients, anti-aging botanicals, and skin-perfecting elements to support the health of your skin. These spray tan maintenance suggestions can prolong the life of your tan and leave your skin looking and feeling young and revitalized.

What shades of spray tan last the longest?

By understanding how they function, you may choose how frequently to get a spray tan. A sunless tanning option is a spray tan.

A substance is applied to the skin to achieve an even, finely dispersed tan. DHA is present in the skin-application product. DHA darkens the skin by interacting with the epidermal cells on the surface, with the resultant color appearing over a few hours.

The majority of spray tans are applied by professionals, either at a salon or on the go. But if you have the correct tools and knowledge, you can spray tan yourself at home.

How long a spray tan lasts will also depend on the color of the tan. For darker tones, stronger solutions are employed, and occasionally a second fine mist is applied to the body to guarantee the tan is as dark as the client desires.

How long the spray tan stays even and visible depends undoubtedly on the shade.

Although the average spray tan is marketed to last 10 days, this is not necessarily the case for all shades.

Lighter shades – Lighter shades can persist up to five days. The likelihood that it will last is low because light hues are produced with a modest spray tan product.

Medium shades – Medium shades have a maximum shelf life of 8 days. It takes longer for the color to fade since this demands more product—often a stronger product than the lighter shades—and a stronger color development.

Dark shades – Darker shades can last up to 10 days. These are robust goods with a rich, deep color that ages more slowly than light and medium colors.

The DHA content is what accounts for the variance in stay time. The longer the color lasts on the skin, the more DHA is included in the product, and the darker solutions contain more DHA.

Watch The Skinny Confidential’s YouTube video for the best spray tan schedule. Remember to continue reading after you watch because she makes many of the same suggestions as I do below.

Things to do before your spray tan

In order for a spray tan to stay as long as it should, proper preparation is required beforehand. A spray tan won’t last very long on unprepared skin, and if you don’t make sure your skin is prepped. It will be spotty, uneven, and fade more quickly, costing you time and money.

To get the most out of your spray tan, follow these instructions in the days prior:

Do the exfoliation the day before

To make sure your spray tan lasts, exfoliation may be the most crucial step. In the 24 hours before getting a spray tan, be careful to exfoliate. To assist in removing dead skin cells from the skin, use a body scrub, a dry brush, or a loofah.

When dead skin cells accumulate during a spray tan, it can result in blotches, streaks, and dark spots. If these older, dead skin cells are left on the skin, they will naturally slough off, causing your tan to fade quickly.

Don’t use oil-based lotions or chemicals 

Use of oil-based products or chemical exfoliants should be avoided on the skin. Up to 24 hours before your spray tan, they should be avoided.

The use of chemical exfoliants could make the skin overly sensitive, and the use of oil-based treatments might create a barrier between the skin and the spray tan, which once more could result in patches and streaks.

Despite this, you still need to take care to hydrate your skin properly. So how can you keep your skin soft if you don’t use an oil-based lotion? Your best option is a water-based moisturizer made without chemicals, like this one.

Do the wax thing at least 72 hours ago 

Waxing is a good idea two days prior to your spray tan session, but the day of is not a good time to wax.

By temporarily enlarging the pores after waxing, some regions may absorb more product than others and become darker and patchier as a result.

Choose loose-fitting clothing and shoes

Wearing a tight bra, a strappy shirt, or any other tight clothes or shoes can prevent you from getting the perfect spray tan, which will have no tan lines. To reduce friction, wear loose-fitting clothing or slip-on shoes.

More advice on what to wear to your spray tan appointment may be found in this post.

Avoid makeup as well as deodorant

Take a pack of unscented wipes with you to completely remove all makeup and deodorant from your skin if you can’t avoid using either on the day of your consultation. Let your skin dry before the spray tan is applied.

Things to do after your spray tan process is done

While your spray tan specialist will instruct you on how to care for your tan for the following 24 hours, it is still beneficial to be aware of a few more tips to help keep your tan looking great.

Apply the baby powder trick

One of the best things you can use to stop streaking after a spray tan is baby powder. While the spray-tan product is still drying, sweating can leave streaks and patches on the skin.

Since deodorant may contain components that interact with the tanning solution and slow or stop the reaction, you should avoid applying it to your skin.

To avoid streaks and patches of sweat from forming, baby powder can be applied to the inner elbows, backs of the knees, and under the bum.

Delay your shower at least for six hours

If you take a shower too soon after getting a spray tan, the solution may wash out and not develop as darkly as it should.

You may ensure that your skin has an even, complete tone by waiting 6 hours before taking a shower so that it has time to absorb the product.

Gently exfoliate

After your tan, exfoliate every two to three days, but be careful not to overdo it. Make sure to exfoliate gently because it will still scratch the skin’s surface.

When dead skin cells accumulate due to lack of exfoliation, the tan may develop unevenly as it wears off.

How long does the spray tan usually last?

Jules Von Hep, the owner of Isle of Paradise and a tanning expert, claims that a superb tan can last up to 10 days. Maintaining hydration is one of the best ways to extend your tan. Drink that water; healthy, hydrated skin won’t shed and will retain its color for a longer period of time. Drinking alcohol on long flights accelerates the tan’s fading because it dehydrates the skin. Therefore, try to avoid it.

How to make my spray tan last longer?

To make your tan last longer, stay away from shaving, abrasive exfoliating, and oil-based treatments. Use a lotion with a water or butter base to moisturize your skin every day to keep it hydrated. To extend your tan, you can always use a gradual tanner over your existing tan.

Things to avoid when maintaining a spray tan

If you want your tan to look amazing and last as long as possible, there are a few things you should avoid doing in addition to exfoliating before sessions, being hydrated, and using a body wash that is safe for spray tans.

The following is a list of some of the most crucial things to stay away from:

water with excessive chlorine

Retinol-containing skincare products

AHA or BHA-containing skincare items Oil-based cosmetics

Hand rashes

Your best strategy is to stay away from these things and look for tan-friendly alternatives, as they are likely to accelerate the fading of your spray tan. You shouldn’t have any trouble sticking to the 7–12 day plan if you do this and the other advice we’ve given.

Should body hair be removed before getting a spray tan?

You may de-hair your body before your appointment if you wish to. According to Evans, if you wax, you should do so at least 24 hours beforehand. She claims that this will guarantee that the hair follicles are in place and that you’ll receive a flawless finish. A few days prior to your spray tan, you should also exfoliate.

If you don’t remember to shave, what happens? You can shave shortly before, but Von Hep advises against using shaving oil because it can leave a film on your skin and prevent your tan from being absorbed effectively. Following a shave, apply cold water to the skin to soothe it.

How to maintain your spray tan at home?

I apply self-tanner to my entire body, followed by two days of heavy moisturizer, to keep my shine. Then, to bring the color back up, I spray my body with Isle of Paradise Happy Tan. After two days, Von Hep says, “I start the scrub process, lightly exfoliate the top coat of tan off, and then apply my second coat of self-tan.”

Because of the skincare products you use, according to Von Hep, your tan will fade more quickly on your face than it will on the rest of your body. He advises mixing Isle of Paradise’s Self Tan Drops with your moisturizer or serum to help restore your sun-kissed glow.

DiMarchi advises substituting a gradual self-tanning lotion for your body lotion once you’ve had a spray tan for five days. The Gradual Tan from Tan-Luxe appeals to her. Given that it is a lightweight solution that seeps into your skin, “[this is] excellent to touch up with,” she claims. If you reside in a region with a lot of humidity, this product will be your greatest friend.

How do you avoid or fix streaks?

Evans advises using enough products to prevent them, particularly when self-tanning at home. Lack of product application and excessive skin rubbing frequently result in streaks and spots. She advises using enough cream so the tan may readily spread across your skin.

The simplest technique to eliminate black streaks or stains is to apply baby oil to the darker area and let it sit for 10 minutes. As a result, the exfoliation can be more productive, according to Evans. Use an exfoliator to scrub the skin, then buff it with a hot, damp washcloth. Additionally, she advises you to try a hair removal cream. Utilizing a Q-tip, apply it to the darker region and let it sit there for only half the prescribed amount of time.

How to remove a spray tan?

Generally speaking, letting it truly fade is the best course of action. To remove the self-tan from the face more quickly, Evans advises using micellar water or an astringent toning solution. Use a facial scrub to exfoliate it softly, then use an astringent to tan areas that are dark with a cotton ball. Apply your preferred moisturizer last to hydrate.

How do you remove spray tan from your hands?

How do you prevent your hands from being overly sun-tanned? After moisturizing, apply a spray tan. Remember to use a cloth dampened with micellar water to wash your palms and the spaces between your fingers after getting a spray tan in order to eliminate any extra tanning solution, advises Von Hep.

There is a ready-made tan eraser if you need a quick fix. Tan-Luxe Glyco Water and Isle of Paradise’s Tan Eraser are two good choices. For maximum results, DiMarchi advises taking a warm shower and then exfoliating your hands.

How do you remove spray-tan stains?

Guide-colored products might leave stains on your couch, bedding, and clothing. Because of this, DiMarchi advises using a self-tanner that is free of bronzers and colors. “DHA develops when it hits your skin in its purest form, which is transparent.” She says that this is the only way to guarantee cleanliness.

If orange streaks do appear on your linens, a stain remover might be able to get them out, but there is no assurance. The aforementioned recommendations for what to wear to your spray tan appointment can help you prevent getting stains on your clothes.

How much does a spray tan usually cost?

Depending on your location, the salon, and whether the tanning professional will come to your home to do the spray tan, the cost will change. For a temporary, head-to-toe sun-kissed hue, prices typically range from $50 to $75.


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