How Soon Can You Shower After A Spray Tan

The advice offered by tanning professionals most frequently is to leave the spray tan on for at least a couple hours before washing. It is recommended that you avoid taking a shower because this is when the skin tan color appears. But some individuals make the error of prematurely rinsing off their spray tan.

Do you have questions about how long to keep the spray tan on before taking a shower? Have you washed the spray tan too soon? If you don’t keep the spray tan on for too long, there are various ways to ensure the greatest effects, like getting a touch-up or renewing the tan.

Keep reading to find out how soon can you shower after a spray tan and what you can do to make sure the glow lasts for an extended period of time. 

How Does a Spray Tan Work?

It’s crucial to comprehend how a spray tan works because it’s not as you might imagine it does before discussing what happens if you wash off a spray tan too soon.

It is a good idea to be ready and aware of what to expect before getting a spray tan. A spray tan is a little mist of bronzer, DHA, and occasionally even aloe vera that a professional administers to your skin in a tiny booth. It takes about 15 minutes to finish tanning, sometimes even less.

Although the spray tan bronzer washes off when you take a shower, it is the bronzer that gives you the immediate tanning effect on your skin. DHA, on the other hand, aids in preserving your tan for a longer time. The color should emerge during the first few hours of a spray tan; interfering with this process could result in a faint, flat, or even streaky tan.

How long does it take for a self-tanner to develop?

Self-tanners don’t appear right away. It can take up to 10 hours for the DHA, the active ingredient, to react with the cells in your outermost layer of skin.

Self-tanning before bed and washing it off in the morning is the most effective technique to make this time fly by. Remind yourself to be cautious about tanning products transferring onto your bedding, so be ready to wash them!

To make your tan linger longer between applications, several products are made to lengthen and intensify it.

How soon can you shower after a spray tan?

You need to give the spray tan time to fully absorb into your skin before getting it wet, so there is a waiting period between receiving one and taking a shower. There is a chance that you will either totally wash off the spray tan or end up leaving smudges or streaks if you shower or otherwise get your spray tan wet before this time has passed. For this reason, waiting before taking a shower is crucial.

The length of time it takes for spray tans to dry and develop depends on the type of spray tan, the salon, and the particular spray tan you got. However, the drying process typically takes 4 to 8 hours, although this can vary.

When receiving a spray tan, if you were given specific, specialized advice about how long you should wait before taking a shower, you should definitely pay attention to this advice because specialists are well-versed in the best practices for their products.

There are several sorts of spray tans that various salons will provide, and the suggested interval between your tan and initial rinse can vary slightly among these. Count the time from when the spray tan is finished, because applying it obviously takes time.

You should wait 4 to 8 hours after getting a spray tan for the majority of spray tans before taking a shower rinse. It’s possible that part of the excess tan will wash off in the shower. This is normal because, like with self-tanners, this is something that your skin doesn’t need and hasn’t been absorbed.

What if I wash the tan off early?

What happens if you shower after a spray tan, is the most frequently asked tanning-related question. The technician will recommend the best window of time for you to wait before taking a shower after getting a spray tan. They advise waiting because it will take some time for the spray tan’s ingredients to react with your skin’s outer layer.

Medicine Net claims that the spray tan’s DHA combines with an amino acid found in dead skin cells to darken skin tone. Usually, it takes the chemical reaction roughly two hours to start. However, if you choose to remove the tan before this period has passed, you might not notice any color development.

Because the tan may still be forming after two hours, it’s best to avoid washing it off. Even if you’re pressed for time, refrain from taking a shower for at least 4 hours; otherwise, the outcome won’t meet your expectations. In order for the development to be finished entirely, it is best to wait 6–8 hours.

The topic of how frequently I can spray tan is raised by the fact that if you do unmistakably wipe off the tan too early, you can reapply. If you have previously committed this error, waiting till the next day to reapply is a smart option. In this manner, you can see exactly how the tan developed and determine whether you need to reapply or make any necessary adjustments in advance.

Most people believe that bronzer is what gives you your tan. Although the spray tan’s bronzer will give your skin an immediate tan and a smooth, dark appearance. It will only last during the first shower and is merely transient.

The spray tan will be lighter if you wash it off right away, not even after four hours. The durability of the tan may also suffer as a result. It may not last as long because the product didn’t have enough opportunity to interact with your skin’s outer layer.

Anytime before at least 4 hours, washing the spray tan can ruin your chances of obtaining a darker color. While washing the tan off, using harsh or hazardous solutions can also remove the tan from your body, leaving you with streaks and spots of uneven color on your skin.

Is 12 hours enough time to take a shower after a spray tan?

There is no one perfect time for spray tanning due to the variety of ingredients used and the individual’s skin type. However, the tanning specialists suggest a timetable to follow, which might range from 2 to 6 hours. You should wait 4-6 hours before washing off spray tan, if you’re wondering how long to leave it on for.

According to Healthline, you can wait 12 hours before taking a shower after getting a spray tan. After washing it off, you can see streaks if you keep it on for longer.

Will Tan continue to develop after shower?

If you get a spray tan, you may notice that the color can continue to darken even after you wash it off in the shower. It’s because tanning can continue to grow even after you’ve showered. This occurs because the DHA keeps metabolizing on your skin and produces a gorgeous tan.

15-20 hours after washing off, the color of the tan might continue to develop. After taking a shower, you might even notice that your tan appears noticeably darker, but this is simply because you washed off the excess, giving your skin a much smoother appearance.

Do showers lighten spray tan?

Instead, you may be wondering whether taking a shower will make your spray tan lighter. You are not alone in wondering about this, as many others do.

You should stay away from water because it will undoubtedly have a negative impact on your spray tan 4 to 8 hours after application. If you shower or perspire during this period, you might notice streaks or patchiness that last until the entire tan has disappeared.

However, there is evidence that after prolonged exposure, water can also somewhat diminish your tan. Because of this, swimming, visiting the sea, and other aquatic pursuits all produce the same outcome. Showers shouldn’t really differ much from other activities, but it’s still important to be mindful of this.

There are more blunders you may make in the shower that will ruin your spray tan.

Spray tan shower tips

As simple as it may seem, there are ways to improve your entire spray tanning experience and even lengthen the life of your tan by altering the way you shower afterward. Look out for the following strategies and advice to avoid making mistakes that could cost you your gorgeous glow:

Minimize the use of soap: Okay, so you definitely use soap or body wash when you shower, but you should refrain from doing so after getting a spray tan. This is so that even while it is currently safe to use water on it, any chemicals or other things may still have an impact on how it develops after you take a shower. For optimal results, wait at least 24 hours before using any soaps or body washes after your spray tan.

Moisturize immediately afterwards: While taking a shower gives your body access to moisture, your skin experiences the exact opposite. The water in showers, especially hot ones, can dry out your skin and remove moisture, which can cause your tan to disappear. When your skin is still damp, apply a tan-safe moisturizer directly to your body to lock in moisture.

Look for the right soap: Using the appropriate soap when you’re prepared is another strategy to keep your tan, in addition to waiting for 24 hours before doing so. Choose a tan-safe body wash or soap because some substances and chemicals can strip your skin too much or just interfere with your tan. Usually, there will be some products labeled for this use.

Don’t exfoliate immediately after a spray tan: The top layers of your skin, where the DHA in spray tans and self-tanners absorbs, are removed by exfoliation, as is obvious. By exfoliating this skin, you can essentially ruin your tan and shorten its lifespan. To achieve the best results, exfoliate frequently the week before your spray tan.

Spend less time in the shower: Despite being a luxury, taking a long, warm shower is bad for your skin and tan. As was previously said, water has been proven to hasten the fading of a spray tan, so the longer and more frequently you shower, the quicker your tan will fade. This won’t really change anything, but it can still help you keep your tan.

Avoid baths: Baths, like long showers, can speed up the fading of your tan, and frequent bathing might cause your spray tan to last much less time, costing you more money to have it refreshed. The best course of action is to take a shower rather than a bath whenever possible.

Do the following if you wash the spray tan early?

If you don’t give a tan enough time, is it possible to wash it off? Indeed, you can. However, even if you removed your spray tan earlier than advised, there are still fixes you can try. In the event that you wish to enhance your tan, try these things:

Go for self-tanning products: use self-tanning creams to darken your skin if you don’t have much time. You can choose between a tinted moisturizer and a self-tanning lotion to use on your skin to give the appearance of a flawless tan. Don’t wash your skin too soon after applying these products because they typically include DHA and need time to interact with your skin.

Get a touch up: it is preferable to have a professional touch up done if you don’t see any patches or stains after washing. The tanning professionals will assist in repairing and enhancing your current tan.

Renew the tan: you might need to reapply the tan if you washed too soon and didn’t get any results. In order to prevent blotchiness, remove the existing tan before applying a new one. To help eliminate the substance from your skin, take several showers and exfoliate. Your spray tan will be even and smooth if the previous one is removed and then renewed.

Can fake tan be removed by shaving?

Shaving does remove artificial tan, yes. This is due to the fact that shaving can exfoliate skin, which can then strip fake tan pigment. The majority of shaving creams, on the other hand, contain alcohol and a soapy component that also helps to remove fake tan.

If you have hair on your skin, it is preferable to shave before applying a fake tan. This is due to the possibility of the color being removed by shaving a day or two after getting a fake tan.

Then, using a fresh razor and a mild moisturizer, you can shave. When finished, pat the skin dry while applying just a little pressure.

What if you choose to leave fake tan on too long?

The DHA in fake tan only adheres to skin cells that are already dead or dying, so even if you keep it on for too long, your skin won’t suffer.

Do you want to know if too much time is spent on a spray tan? The artificial tan may stain your clothing and bed linens if they are put on for longer than necessary.

Do I need to take any additional care after getting a tan?

You should exercise some caution after getting a spray tan because, depending on the solution type used, the tan might take up to twelve hours to develop. You should entirely avoid getting wet while your tan is developing. This involves swimming, taking a shower, sweating, and/or getting wet. says Pradas. Additionally, tight clothing should be avoided, particularly inseam-containing garments like jeans and some types of leggings, as well as tight-fitting cuffed pants and sweatpants, etc. Evans also cautioned against following up with waxing and other body treatments like facials or massages, because they could affect the quality of your tan.

Depending on the type of spray tan you have, there are different times you need to wait before taking a shower. Certain express spray tans allow you to shower after one to three hours, whereas traditional spray tans require eight to twelve hours to develop (it’s recommended to sleep in them). While your tan will cease developing after twelve hours, there are clear spray tans available where no shower is ever necessary.

Be advised that if you sleep with your tan on, it will appear darker than it is. However, you should have a softer color and a fully developed tan when you wash off the bronzer in the morning. According to Evans, the tanning agent (DHA) can actually penetrate the skin and perform to its full potential while you sleep since your body temperature rises and your pores open up.

Wearing lengthy, dark clothing while you sleep will help ensure that any tanning products you sweat off land on your pajamas rather than on your clean, white sheets. However, a lot of tan marks simply wash off with some soap and water.

If you work out frequently, you might also notice that your tan fades unevenly. In such instances, Evans advised exfoliating your body every few days and moisturizing every day to make sure your tan is even and flawless-looking.

Pradas and Evans advise getting sprayed one to two days prior to the celebration if you are tanning in advance of a special occasion. In this method, the color will have time to properly develop before the momentous day.

Final Verdict

Basically, you need to wait 4 to 8 hours after getting a spray tan before taking your first shower, and make sure it’s simply a rinse of water with no soap.

Showering doesn’t really affect your tan much, but there are some side effects of showering that you should be aware of in order to keep your gorgeous glow. So make sure to take good care of your skin.


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