Tanning Beds & Rates


Few manufacturers have a better combination of reputation and experience than ProSun International, LLC. The St. Petersburg, Fla.-based company has been manufacturing quality, high-end tanning beds for over 25 years. Our tanning beds here in Eugene offer increased tanning comfort and also enhances the tanning experience.

  • All packages based off of minutes not sessions or tans (packages expire 1 year after purchase)
  • All packages can be shared between friends or family with purchaser’s approval
  • Student Discounts are available

Lumina C 30: 18 min. max

18 min/1 tan: $7.00
90 min/5 tans: $29.75 ($5.95/session)
180 min/10 tans: $49.00 ($4.90/session)
450 min/25 tans: $87.50 ($3.50/session)
Monthly Rate: $59.99

With 2 face tanners


Lumina C 32: 15 min. max

15 min/1 tan: $10.00
75 min/5 tans: $42.50 ($8.50/session)
150 min/10 tans: $70.00 ($7.00/session)
375 min/25 tans: $125.00 ($5.00/session)
Monthly Rate: $89.99

160w top bulbs with 3 face tanners


Lumina E 40 High Intensive: 13 min. max

13 min/1 tan: $16.00
65 min/5 tans: $68.00($13.60/session)
130 min/10 tans: $112.00($11.20/session)
325 min/25 tans: $200.00($8.00/session)
Monthly Rate: $129.99

160w top and bottom bulbs


X7 42 High Intensive: 12 min. max

12 min/1 tan: $20.00
60 min/5 tans: $85.00 ($17.00/session)
120 min/10 tans: $140.00 ($14.00/session)
300 min/25 tans: $250.00 ($10.00/session)
Monthly Rate: $179.99

Sculpted acrylic with 4 face tanners


Lumina V 48 High Intensive Stand-up
12 min. max.

12 min/1 tan: $15.00
60 min/5 tans: $63.00 ($12.00/session)
120 min/10 tans: $105.00 ($10.50/session)
300 min/25 tans: $187.50 ($7.50/session)
Monthly Rate: $119.99

S48, 180w bulbs
audio speakers

VersaSpa Spray Tan

Do you have at least 46 seconds to go tanning? That’s all it takes to enjoy the easiest and safest way to a beautiful UV-free tan! The VersaSpa by MagicTan combines healthy skin therapies with state-of-the-art comfort technologies.

And for that special occasion, when only the most stunning tan will do, the VersaSpa spray booth will leave you looking great in less than a minute.
The VersaSpa solution is the industry’s finest and it’s exclusive
to Color of Beauty as Lane County’s first tanning salon to
offer it!

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