What Goes With Tan Pants

A delicious fall/winter wardrobe must include items in shades of tan or camel. Tan is unbiased. It is both adaptable and enduring. Although a camel coat or tan luxury sweater are the epitome of sophistication, many skin tones, including mine, find them difficult to wear adjacent to the face. The majority of tan apparel simply matches most people’s skin tones too closely. This is why tan pants are a fantastic choice for adding color to your wardrobe.

I usually suggest wearing a color below the waist if it doesn’t look good next to your face. Just be careful not to choose a tan color that is too similar to the tone of your skin, since this may make you appear to be wearing no pants. Choose a tan that is slightly darker or lighter than your skin tone. Find out what goes with tan pants by reading on.

Some of the best tan pants

If you found this blog post on Google, it means that you are searching for solutions and have your tan pants on. Skip this section if you choose. You’ll need a pair of tan pants for the rest of you. Vince is the brand I recommend most for year-round tan pants. I fell in love with a perfect pair of tan ankle-length side-zip pants Vince unveiled. I applied these to as many clients as they would let me. They are referred to as “front seam leggings,” although that is absurd. They have a slim fit. Despite seeming like leggings, they go great with longer tops. Both Vince and Amazon sell these pants.

Fantastic fake suede leggings in tan are made by Lyseé. These high-quality leggings have a perfect fit and look stunning in the winter when paired with a long jacket and booties. Amazon, Lyseé, Zappos, and Nordstrom all have these. (See here for a complete list of my stylish, long sweater suggestions.)

One excellent alternative for high-quality faux leather is Commando’s Faux Leather Leggings. They are offered through Revolve, Amazon, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Zappos.

Last but not least, and perhaps my personal favorite, Good American created a pair of tan faux suede jeans. They fit well and are unbelievably attractive and comfortable. The tan pants I’m wearing in the pictures are these. Both Nordstrom and GoodAmerican.com carry these.

Six excellent colors to improve your tan

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a great tan in the summer (or any time, really)? Let’s face it; we all want others to see our gorgeous tans. A tan can make you look healthy, trim, and active. But a light tan will do; you don’t need a deep one for that. The goal is to wear hues that will highlight your gorgeous radiance, and today we’ll look at the best hues to wear. Here are the six hues that, this summer, will make your tan look better.


Most likely, you’ll end up falling in love with this shade! Why? This cheerful shade incorporates pink and orange, so in addition to highlighting your wonderful tan, its warm tones will give you healthy-looking skin. Coral will make you look radiant and is ideal for wearing day or night, regardless of your skin tone or hair color.

Gold and Orange

Orange conjures images of sunrises and sunsets, don’t you think? Orange comes in a variety of hues, including rust, peach, amber, and pumpkin, to name a few. You’ll look radiant in any color you choose. Orange can highlight the brown and red hue in your skin if you’re fortunate enough to have a natural tan, making it a terrific color for you. However, it’s better to completely avoid wearing orange if you use a spray tan because it may give your skin an orange tint and wearing any shade of orange will simply accentuate it.

The vibrant, enjoyable color of gold will go perfectly with your fantastic tan. You’ll look gorgeous if you wear some shimmering makeup and anything golden. It’s a gorgeous hue to wear at night as well.


The lighter purple hues work amazingly well to draw attention to your tan and your hazel and green eyes. It’s acceptable if you don’t identify as a girly lady. Despite not being particularly girlie, purple is feminine, so you can still get away with wearing a shirt or skirt with a light purple print. You’ll look fantastic in hues like mauve, lavender, or lilac.


Okay, we all knew that this prominent hue would be included, right? Dark tans look best with off-white, whereas light tans look best with brilliant white. White can be worn by anyone and goes well with any color. So go ahead and dress up in that white skirt or dress for a night out!


This shade will highlight both your tan and your blue eyes if you have a beautiful blue eye. Take cyan, Tiffany, or celeste as examples. Consider using blues like teal or turquoise that have a hint of green.


Similar to coral, pink is a warm color that will give you a rose-colored skin, making you appear young, healthy, and tanned. To complete your look, apply some light pink blush to go with your pink clothing. The shade of pink you choose to wear might completely reflect your personality; perhaps a traditional light pink or a bold, bright magenta suit you better. You will look gorgeous no matter what shade of pink you choose to wear!

You will feel and look like a goddess with a tan if you wear these hues. Therefore, venture outside and flaunt your gorgeous tan! Visit Bronze Tan St. Louis for more advice on enhancing your tan. 

Combining Black with Tan

The pairing of black and tan exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication. By just adding cushions that combine black and tan, regardless of the pattern, to a light tan sofa, you may significantly improve its design status.

For inspiration on how to use the color scheme in your own décor, let’s create a bedroom:

For the bedroom set, combine a black blanket with tan accents and bleached, aspen, or any light-colored wood. Although the pattern has a decidedly macho feel, it is nevertheless incredibly attractive to women’s eyes.

Choose a light-colored carpet or lay rugs strategically on a light-colored wood floor. Additionally, the more velvety the carpet, perhaps all-cotton, which is a little more indulgent for the feet than nylon or wool carpet, the better. Keeping this carpet in the bedroom where only bare feet are allowed will likely make it very simple to maintain, even if the 100% cotton carpet will stain more readily than the nylon or wool carpet.

Add cream-colored window treatments and paint the woodwork and walls a neutral cream color. Use a black decorator rod to hang those curtains. You might also choose a cornice covered in the bedspread fabric, but only if the ceiling is high enough to support the black fabric. Additionally, you need a chair with the same pattern or one that coordinates.

Select lighting that emphasizes the bedspread’s pattern. Wall art should accomplish the same thing. If it’s family photos you’re after, choose frames made of the same wood as the furniture and matte the images in black. To avoid overpowering the space with additional hues, consider art that features a lot of black and tan.

Whether the décor is traditional or modern, black and tan go with either. It just always fits in, just like the classic black dress.

What colors go well with navy blue and tan?

In the worlds of fashion and interior design, tan and navy blue are regarded as neutral colors. This implies that these two hues complement practically every other color. The only color mismatch might be navy blue with black or dark brown because these hues are so similar in brightness.

Red and Green

Due to their close resemblance on the color wheel and complementary color scheme, red and navy blue go well together. Tan and red, on the other hand, are colors that are similar to each other on the color wheel. The complementary colors of red and blue help each other stand out more than these two colors, which mix well together. Red, navy blue, and brown might go well together in a three-color design.

A triad color scheme is made by combining green with navy blue and tan. This indicates that the colors are spread out throughout the color wheel quite evenly. Because tan and navy blue are viewed as neutral colors, the green will stand out the most in a room’s design.

Orange and Lavender

Because they are near to each other on the color wheel, orange, red, and tan make up an analogous color scheme. These hues mix harmoniously. Additionally, comparable color relationships exist between lavender, violet, and navy blue. The eye is drawn to the combination of these like-colored hues. Tan is a neutral color that will go well with navy blue, lavender, and violet. On the other hand, navy blue complements the colors brown, orange, and red well.

Brown or Light Blue

Utilizing hues that are various shades of the same color will result in a monochromatic color scheme. To create a smooth, effortless color scheme, use cool hues with navy blue, such as light blue. Additionally, tan and brown produce a monochromatic color scheme. A warm, cozy, and pleasing-to-the-eye color scheme is produced by these two colors.

How to dress to emphasize your tan

Make sure you dress in a way that highlights your tan now that you’re newly tanned. In order to ensure that people always compliment your tanned skin tone, we’ve put together a list of apparel and color choices.

Knowing the difference between warm and cool colors is crucial since they both affect your tan in different, but beneficial, ways. The phrase “warm colors are warm like fire, while cold colors are closer to ice” can be used as a simple mnemonic to help you remember this. As a result, the primary warm colors are red, orange, and yellow, whereas the cool colors on the opposite side of the color wheel, such as green, blue, and purple, are those.

Citrusy colors

Consider wearing red, orange, or yellow if you want to highlight your newly tanned skin. Your tan will stand out notably in any shade of orange, from peach to carrot. The colors that will do your skin the most good are those that are bright yellow, so stick with those. When using red, you should aim to strike a balance between pink and orange. It can be challenging to find the appropriate red, but if you succeed, you’ll be amazed at how brown your skin appears!

These vivid hues will bring out the best features of your fresh color and will enhance your tan.

Contrasting colors

Have you thought about trying to contrast your tan while still wearing zesty colors? By placing your skin in stark contrast against a lime green shirt, your tan may appear more defined. Consider a berry purple or a dark pink if your closet isn’t filled with lime green clothing. Any of these colors you wear will make your newly bronzed skin stand out against your clothing!

Blue is considered the warmest color

In general, all blue hues will aid in emphasizing your tan. However, some colors are particularly effective. Remember to stick with sea-related hues as a general guideline. Any light, vivid shade of blue will emphasize your skin while also providing contrast.

Your tan will appear darker in comparison to the lighter shade of blue you are wearing. In contrast, your new tan will be less obvious the darker your blues are.


As you can see, color theory knowledge and color wheel comprehension are crucial for emphasizing your tan. This color expertise should be used while selecting accessories as well, because the appropriate accessories can enhance your tan dramatically.

Your hands and toes will stand out with the correct shade of nail paint! You may appear (and feel) like a bronze goddess with the right gold necklace. When choosing a summertime bathing suit, bear in mind that these hues will likely make you appear the tannest at the beach, where the sun will be at its most intense.


It may be becoming a theme with these postings, but moisturizing is crucial and cannot be emphasized enough. More for your skin than a colorful garment or coat of nail paint ever could be a good moisturizer! While tanning is transient, using a decent moisturizer every day will have a long-lasting and observably beneficial effect on the health and appearance of your skin!


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