When Can I Wear Normal Clothes After A Spray Tan

Are you getting your first spray tan and don’t know what to wear afterwards? We compiled our top picks and suggestions for what to wear after a spray tan or self-tan.

Your session has finally arrived! If you’re a regular spray tanner, you already know the dos and don’ts of what to wear after a spray tan, but if you’re a newbie with no idea… we’ve got you covered!

Simple….dark, flowy clothes! Loose fitting! If you go out after your spray tan or wear light clothes, the bronzer will rub off. Again, it’s gone. Whatever you wear shouldn’t be overly snug. Too-tight garments can rub off tan. Loose sweatpants and t-shirts or sweatshirts are excellent. NO JEANS, SOCKS, OR LEGGINGS. Wear after your first shower. After your session, ladies, keep your bra straps down. Keeping them up causes shoulder tan lines.

Most clients receive spray tans at night, so they dry off and go to bed. I always use my “Spray tanning sheets” during the night of my tan. If I get solution on the dark bedding, it won’t be obvious and can be washed off. Sweatpants and a long t-shirt are my bedtime attire. Wearing something too heavy will make you sweat. Spray tan sweating is bad!

I hope I answered your questions concerning spray tanning attire. Wear loose-fitting clothes after your spray tan and whatever you’re comfortable in.

Does What You Wear Before or After A Spray Tan Matter?

Absolutely! It is significant. The success of the operation as a whole depends on what you wear before or after getting a spray tan. Even the most expertly crafted bronze spray tanning solution can be easily ruined by the choices of dress worn after the spray tan session, so if you’re determined to avoid the horrible scenario mentioned at the beginning of this article and aim for successful tanning, you must give topics like what to wear, and what not to wear, a lot of thought.

How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Put Clothes On?

Skin-tight or huggy clothing shouldn’t be worn for at least a few hours, preferably 9 to 12 hours. Tan-through clothing is an exception to this rule. It’s acceptable to put on your flowing gowns or loose-fitting dresses as soon as you exit a spray tanning studio. Dresses that are too tight, huggy, or sticky on the skin are not appropriate.

Additionally, while choosing clothing, stay away from items whose wear pattern requires you to pull them down over your face because these garments tend to drag the facial skin downward, wiping off the tan while also huddling the hair against the tanned skin. Choose tan through-shirts with buttons that, when fastened, usually start and end sideways and feel as simple to fasten as your lightweight bag.Clothes Should Wear After A Spray Tan

How Long After A Spray Tan Can I Wear Tight Clothes?

Wearing tight clothing after getting a spray tan should be postponed for at least 6 to 9 hours. This will give the tan enough time to properly develop and set. Wearing tight clothing too soon after getting a spray tan will prevent it from developing and make it rub off.

For the first several hours after getting a spray tan, it is recommended to prevent any form of friction on your skin. This entails avoiding wearing restrictive clothing, exercising, and using saunas or steam rooms. Your tan may prematurely fade or rub off due to all of these factors. Therefore, it’s crucial to be patient and give your spray tan time to develop properly before exposing it to anything that can make it wear off if you want it to last.

When Is The Best Time To Wear Normal Clothes After A Spray Tan?

For a lighter spray tan, wait at least 9 hours, and for a darker one, wait 12 hours. It gives the spray tan enough time to adhere and dry off if you wait that long before changing into your regular clothes.

Although it mostly depends on the degree of the tan you’re obtaining (that is, whether you’re seeking to achieve simply a light bronze tan or something much darker), some may require that you keep off your regular clothes for longer than others. The same way that fully wet clothes take longer to dry out than half-wet ones, and vice versa, tanning your skin follows the same principle. While a lighter tan uses less solution and dries faster, a darker tan requires a higher concentration of tanning solution on the skin and takes longer to develop.

What You Should Wear Before A Spray Tan Session

It is advised to wear loose clothing, such as sheer or very light polyester garments, and to have exfoliated the skin before arriving for a spray tanning service (this means removing the outermost layer of the skin so the bronze tanning solution can stick seamlessly).

Getting a spray tan while entirely naked can be a very efficient approach for certain people who feel comfortable in the nude to ensure evenness, prevent undesirable tan lines, and broken bronze spray. Disposable thongs or two-pieces can be used successfully for people and clientele who aren’t great fans of getting naked, though. Customers who choose to wear clothing should choose highly breathable dark clothing to avoid acquiring spray tans or spoiling their dresses with brown stains.

Whatever your inclination, you should be aware that entering demands the fewest number of clothes possible, and leaving requires any loose clothing you can find.

What You Should Wear During A Spray Tan Session

The greatest types of dresses that often offer comfort and are ideal to wear when receiving a spray tan are disposable thongs, light clothing without hinges, loose jumpsuits, frothy skirts, and other flowy dresses.

Some of the most breathable clothing for women to wear when getting a spray tan is:

  • Women’s Fishnet Mesh Patterned Leggings and Stockings from TEERFU
  • Mesh See Through Crop Top for Women from CLOZOZ
  • Women’s Long Sleeve Fishnet Shirts from ROMWE
  • Women’s Fishnet Hooded Pure Mesh Crop Top from MakeMeChic

The top breathable clothing for men to wear while getting a spray tan includes:

  • Men’s Drawstring Lounge Boxer Shorts with See-through Fishnets from Swbreety
  • Men’s Sleeveless Mesh Sheer Tank Top by ABAFIP
  • Mesh fishnet short sleeve top by JOGAL for men

Choosing clothing for a spray tanning session can be difficult, but you might want to think about choosing comfortable clothes that are light and breathable so you can feel comfortable in them. The important thing is to try your best to wear something that is really comfortable and gives your skin the space it needs to mix in with the golden tanning solution when it is sprayed on.

According to the advice of the tanning salon specialist, specialized patches like tanning eye stickers or coverings can also be put on delicate areas like the eyes and other critical parts to prevent the spray solution from breezing in there and having major health implications.What You Should Wear During A Spray Tan Session

What do you wear before a spray tan in winter?

Wearing the right clothes for a spray tan is more crucial than you would realize because it can impact how your spray tan turns out in general, including what you wear before and after the session. The final appearance of your tan can be improved by something as easy as remembering to dress appropriately and making some advance preparations.

Wearing shorts and a tank top isn’t really an option in the winter because the temperature is considerably lower than it is in the summer. It is customary to dress in items that you intend to keep wearing after the appointment, which is why they are so crucial. You can wear any pair of shoes you like, but if you want to keep your feet from perspiring, try to avoid wearing socks. The ideal choice is to wear athletic shoes that are low on the ankle because they cover the least amount of leg while still keeping your feet warm enough.

If at all possible, avoid wearing accessories like hats and scarves because they will cause unneeded friction and are known to make you perspire. Instead, choose a coat or jacket that is warm but not overly so.

Jeans will brush against your skin a lot and are quite prone to smudge your tan, so try to avoid wearing them if you can. Opt for bottoms like tracksuit shorts or leggings instead.

What do you wear after a spray tan in winter?

As previously stated, you should think carefully about your clothing before your spray tanning appointment. If you choose the wrong outfit, you run the danger of staining some items and maybe fading or blurring the meticulous application. There are several outfits that are appropriate to wear both immediately following the visit and in the days that follow.

Your post-appointment attire should have two characteristics: it should be dark in color, and it should be as loose or baggy as possible. Since there is a chance that the extra color will transfer onto your clothes, which is entirely natural, darker clothing is less likely to get discolored by the spray tan while it is still developing. Clothing that is loose or baggy is preferable to skin-tight clothing because the latter makes it more difficult for color to initially transfer to the former.

As soon as possible after the appointment, choose out clothing that fits the description provided for wearing before the appointment. Make sure that it is dark in color, loose or baggy, and not too warm or chilly so you don’t perspire.

After your appointment, there is still a chance of the product transferring, so try to wear as many dark-colored clothes as you can. Jeans are fine to wear because there is no chance that they would smear the color until the developing stage is through, which happens after your first shower.

What To Wear After A Spray Tan Session

Following a spray tan, these are some of the best women’s breathable clothing to wear:

  • COCOLEGGINGS Women’s Sheer Mesh Long Sleeve Floerns Women’s Sheer Mesh Dress

The greatest men’s breathable clothing to wear following a spray tan includes:

  • Men’s JOGAL Mesh Fishnet Fitted Short Sleeve and ACSUSS Men’s Sheer Mesh Transparent Open Front Shirt.

Make sure to gently change into comfortable clothing from the waist down, such as free-flowing skirts, disposable thongs, loose shorts, sweatpants, or short, breathable pants (harem trousers). Always make sure that the clothing you choose is comfortable, allows you to move freely, and does not cause friction on your skin, such as tight shorts.

1. Avoid Light Colors

You should never wear light-colored apparel, according to the common rule of thumb. You don’t want all that color to stain your clothing throughout the next few hours when your tan will be patchy and sticky! So long as you have a pair of sweatpants and an old, big, dark-colored t-shirt, you’re good to go.

Choose dark-colored cotton sweatpants and shirts, such as black, navy blue, dark grey, and in certain cases, camel, for the utmost in comfort.

2. Choose Loose

Avoid wearing anything too tight since it can smear your new tan, ruining both your skin and your clothes. This includes body-hugging tops and pants that you have to pull over your face.

For breathability, we suggest loose house dresses, maxi dresses, or loose jumpsuits. Just make sure they include sleeves so you can still cover your newly sun-kissed arms. It’s acceptable if your dresses and jumpsuits lack sleeves. When it’s time to go to bed, simply exchange them for sweatpants and long-sleeved sweatshirts.

Shorts can be worn the day following your spray tan (or after the first 10 hours have passed and you’ve taken your initial shower), but we don’t really advise wearing them immediately after because they won’t protect your legs and will smear new tan all over the car seats. As usual, choose baggy shorts to give yourself greater mobility on your legs. You still need to pay attention to where and how you are sitting beyond the first 10 hours!

3. Other Considerations

Wear just flip-flops or step-in sandals as far as footwear is concerned. We don’t want to wear boots or shoes because they will rub your feet’s tan off.

After getting a spray tan, bras aren’t really advised because they’ll probably leave lines along your chest. However, we advise wearing a soft bandeau or a sleeveless bra if you absolutely need to support your breasts. Never spin your bra around by hooking it on the front; it will smear your tan. Request that the spray tanner gently hook it for you.

Avoid wearing jewelry that could crease your skin or smear your tan, such as watches, necklaces, bracelets, and other body accessories.

Below are our favorite options for this season whether you’re looking for style inspiration or want to buy some new clothes specifically to wear after a spray tan.

What You Should Not Wear After A Spray Tan Session

Customers who want the best results from their tanning sessions should refrain from arriving for appointments in clothing that is overly tight, heavy, or skin-tight. Because tanning entails spraying a brief bronze-colored tanning solution on your skin, the tan will need time to develop and integrate, therefore any clothing that is too tight on the sprayed skin at that time will rub it off and distort your appearance.

For this reason, it is essential to refrain from wearing socks, abandon your shoes in favor of a pair of slippers, and put off wearing trimmed blouses, jewelry, decorations, sweatpants, and other drawstring clothing until after the tan has fully formed. Wear dark, flowy clothing or a loose-fitting dress if you must change while getting a spray tan. Avoid wearing a tight bra as much as you can because they can cause tan lines and don’t really go well with the treatment.

Is It Better To Wear Pants Or Shorts After A Spray Tan?

Yes, you can wear shorts or pants after receiving a spray tan as long as they are loose-fitting and breathable to prevent smudging your spray tan.
Following a spray tan, these are some of the best women’s pants to wear:

  • Women’s Boho Pants with Floral Print from Urban CoCo
  • Women’s UEU Cozy Loose Wide Leg Casual Pants
  • Arolina Stretchy Wide Leg Palazzo Lounge for Women
  • Women’s Pocketed Wide Leg Palazzo Pants by ODODOS

Following a spray tan, these are some of the best men’s pants to wear:

  • Men’s Breathable Pants by BIYLACLESEN
  • Men’s COOFANDY Loose Casual Lightweight Elastic Waist Linen Pants
  • Deyeek Men’s Baggy, Loose-Fitting Pants
  • Men’s Lightweight Sweatpants by MAGNIVIT

Following a spray tan, these are some of the greatest women’s shorts to wear:

  • Quick-Dry Loose Mid Waist Shorts by CRZ Yoga
  • Under Armour Luogongzi 2 in 1 Flowy Spandex Comfy Lounge Skirts for Women Ezymall Women’s Play Up Short Comfy Casual Shorts for Women
  • Women’s Nike Short SANTINY Stylish Lounge Shorts for Women

Following a spray tan, these are some of the greatest men’s shorts to wear:

  • Lightweight Shorts with Pocket by Romwe for Men
  • DEMOZU Men’s Pocketed Lightweight Quick Dry Shorts
  • Men’s 5 inch Zipper Pocket Shorts from NAVISKIN
  • Men’s Stretch Quick Dry Shorts with Zipper Pockets from SILKWORLD
  • Men’s Trunk Shorts by Maamgic with Mesh Lining

It’s best to avoid any danger of clothing becoming stained or spreading away the bronze solution and ruining the entire effort by dressing in dark, loose-fitting clothing after having a spray tan. If customers are forced to wear shorts or pants, they should aim to do so in dark, potentially linen-made attire that is as free-flowing as possible. The finest options to choose from for lower body attire include pyjamas, baggy yoga pants, and slackened shorts, yet sometimes it depends on the type of trousers or shorts you are choosing.

Should You Take Your Bra Off For A Spray Tan?

If you are not tanning that area of your body, you do not absolutely need to remove your bra before getting a spray tan. While applying tan to nude skin has been shown to be more successful, if you don’t feel comfortable taking off your bra or other undergarments, by all means, feel free to do so. Just make sure they don’t obstruct your skin too much to prevent tan lines and are, as much as possible, not too tight.

If a customer must put something on, tanning salon experts with years of expertise may advise choosing a strapless bra, depending on the type. These bras tend to be less restrictive, prevent tan lines, and don’t cover up too much skin.

How Long Can You Put A Bra On After A Fresh Spray Tan?

Yes, you can wear a bra and your underwear after getting a spray tan as long as you wait between 9 and 12 hours after leaving the studio. The few hours of skin-free time also enhance the blending and developing process the tan goes through on the surface of the skin, therefore waiting any longer than this is generally advised.

The degree or hue of tan you hope to obtain is a significant aspect that might further affect how long you are need to wait before putting on your bra and other undergarments. The longer a tan takes to dry off, develop, and mix in with the skin, the darker it is.

How Long After A Spray Tan Can You Wear Jeans?

It’s important to avoid wearing jeans for at least the next 24 hours to be safe in order to prevent wasting time and money by destroying your spray tan. This is due to the fact that tight, thick, coarse, or pressed-down jeans frequently result in significant perspiration (sweating), which is something any underdeveloped tan does not desire.

Since jeans are made of naturally dense and heavy materials, they shouldn’t be among the first outfits you consider donning after leaving a spray tanning booth.

Since you can’t wait a few hours for your tan to dry off and develop, I can assure you that you do not want to wear tight clothing like jeans since you run the risk of damaging both your lovely spray tan and your favorite pair of jeans at the same time.

When Can You Wear Leggings After A Spray Tan?

Leggings should typically be kept in the closet for at least the next 12 hours to ensure that your spray tan has had time to fully take effect on your skin and that there is little to no chance that it will be compromised by the dramatic wearing pattern that goes with all leggings.

Leggings, tight shorts, and all other types of them are a worse decision to go for right after you’ve finished a spray tan because they are typically very tight and attached to the body. This is in addition to refraining from early wearing of your tight clothes like jeans.

How Long After Tanning Can I Take A Shower?

Since the tan solution can take several hours to properly dry and become absorbed by the skin, waiting anywhere from 9 hours up to having your first shower is a decent period for a fresh tan to form. However, wait until you have a fresh tan before taking your first shower or jumping into the jacuzzi. Stationing in high ventilation corners of your home can work wonders if you ever feel overheated and require a cool sensation to feel better. This will not only help you feel better on your skin, but will also help the tan blend, develop, and dry down faster.

Last Words

There you have it, then! Your inquiries about spray-tanned garments have all been satisfactorily addressed. Now that you understand why your previous tanning sessions didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped, whether you’re new to tanning or a regular client of a tanning salon professional, you should carefully evaluate what to wear and what not to wear while getting a spray tan going forward.

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